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Art Guild of Middletown

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Membership is based on the calendar year at a cost of $25 annually.
Fees for first year new membership are as follows:
January 1st - July 31st

August 1st - October 31st $20
November 1st - December 31st - $25 which will carry over to the following calendar year

Student members (under 18) are $10.

We welcome Non-members who wish to attend demos. Admission is free (donations are accepted).
Membership dues may be paid by cash or check made payable to:

Art Guild of Middletown

P.O. Box 205
Middletown, CT  06457

Please include your name, address, phone #, e-mail and  a notation that the payment is for membership.
Your correct contact information will help us keep you informed.

In addition to discounts on our classes and workshops, membership gives artists many opportunities to exhibit their work at various venues in the Middletown area throughout the year,monthly e-mails detailing upcoming Guild events, monthly meetings with guest artist demonstrations, workshops and the opportunity  to meet many other people with similar interests.

Elected Officers January 1st- December 31st 2016

President: Eva Dykas
Eva enjoys abstract art in oils, Gouache and mixed media. "I find
that art is a form of mindful meditation for me and results in an
exhilarating peace."

Vice President: Pattie Bullock
Pattie is a pastelist who paints landscapes,seascapes, nightscapes, portraits
and still lifes...whatever excites her at the time.

Treasurer: Sharon Paddock 

Secretary: Adele Santangelo

Appointed Officers and Chairpersons:

Membership Chair: Bonnie DeSaulnier

Programming Chair: Diane Rubacha

Programming Committee members: Joyce Senesac Bonnie DeSaulnier  

Publicity Chair: Diane Rubacha

Exhibits Coordinators: Emily Newton  and Joyce Senesac

Hospitality Chairs: Jackie Tomassone and Rene Gugliemino  Gugliemino

Website Chair: Steve Cronkite
We welcome participation of members who would like to volunteer to work on committees with the chairpersons!   

Presidents Emeritae: John Bickford, Barbara Ryan, Maureen Longo, Fred Antonio, Barbara S. Beck, Claire Piddock, Bob Spooner, Bivenne Staiger.

Message from the desk of the  President
Hello Everyone,
I am enjoying and appreciating this opportunity to assist in continuing the legacy of The Guild that dates back to the 1940's when one of the two art groups that joined to create the Art Guild of Middletown first began.
Just as the Guild has changed in the years that have passed, it will continue to change thanks to each and every one of us. 
The sum is greater than its members of the Guild, both artists and supporters of the arts, we each have something we can add to this group to continue its legacy. 
Through the combined efforts of each member in his or her own way, whether it is by simply paying annual dues, attending meetings and demonstrations, by attending workshops and other Guild activities, by exhibiting works of art, by taking positions on the Board of Directors or by assisting with programs, we are all helping to keep the Guild alive and relevant in our lives.
I would however like to give a very special thanks to the members who take time out of their busy lives to help in the management of the Guild. Without their help the Guild would not be able to offer what it does for its members. 
The Art Guild of Middletown belongs to all of us. There are so many opportunities to volunteer and to be part of the activities.
We have a regular email updates,a website and a Facebook page to keep you up on changes as they take place.

We have two exhibitions yearly and opportunities to exhibit at many venues in the area.
We offer demonstrations of techniques in a variety of media, workshops, bus trips and other activities that are of interest to members and the public.
Email, postal mail or phone me with suggestions or critiques at any time. 
I look forward to seeing you or hearing from you and wish you the best in the coming year.
Eva Dykas